Distance Learning Tips from Teachers

We’re proud to join forces with AdoptAClassroom.org for this blog post.


The 2020 back to school season is kicking off, and parents are facing some tough decisions. School districts are taking many different approaches to returning to school, and many school districts are starting the year with distance learning while others are offering it as an alternative.


With distance learning, students participate in classes from home, with lectures, classwork, and tests happening online. Families first experienced distance learning in the spring of 2020, when shelter-in-place orders made it necessary. According to many reports, it didn’t go well. Parents, students, and teachers found distance learning challenging.


So, how can parents improve the quality of their distance learning experience, and help teachers along the way? AdoptAClassroom.org, an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides the most flexible and accountable funding for teachers and schools, took to Twitter to ask teachers for their tips. Here are a few we hope will help you navigate distance learning this school year!


“I think staying connected is super important. Even if it’s just to say hello and make sure everything is okay during this difficult time.”

Twitter user @_vanes_f


“Create a little corner area to serve as a classroom. Could be as simple or extravagant as [parents] see fit.”

Twitter user @ShauntrellLeaks


“Create some type of routine, let [kids] know what they will be doing for the day, give them some choices, and allow for down time. [Kids] have [down time] at school as well in the form of recess, lunch, center/play time, etc. It does not have to be so formal.”

Twitter user @beekks1


“Work with your child the best that you can. If you need help reach out to your teachers. We will work together the best that we can to ensure quality learning.”

Twitter user @tchrben


“Parents can have students cook, sew, weld, build, garden, clean, etc. Chores & new opportunities are endless during this time. So many parents share pictures of their kids creating, digging, reading, & learning new skills. Parents are kids’ first instructors.”

Twitter user @smcmaster4


“Get into some kind of routine. Be consistent.  Be patient with yourself, your child, and the teacher.   We are all learning together.”

Twitter user @dfteach


We love all these teachers’ advice and are anxiously awaiting to see how this school year goes. Visit the School of ACE blog for more helpful tips for families!

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